Do you like us, think that Marsbäcken is a treasure and must live on!

Then you should sign up for Marsbäckens Friends!

Here we collect the names of all who are willing to help out when or if the need arises.

You will receive our newsletter on what is happening and is going on!

Email your name and whit what you think you can contribute (can be anything between heaven and earth, so that sewing curtains, shovel snow, cooking for guests, add roof, sharing money .... We help each other with the things we just can.)

Simple!   -and amazing what we can do together!



Compounds in Tjust - the ideal union councils who want to safeguard the interests of associations in the municipality, responsible for leasing and operation of the farm.We need help with funding for the renovation of the facility and to develop new visions of activities for the future. If we can get support, interest and commitment to a sufficient extent, we want Marsbäcken operated locally for children and youth groups, but also for other local and cultural life, for school groups, neighborhood groups, and many others.
We would of course also provide opportunities for continued occupancy for long distance guests with camp activities, training courses and more.In honor of Marsbäckens history and continuity, we want the business to be inspired by the foundation Scout Movementstands for, among other things, simplicity, awareness and responsibility for oneself, for each other and for the environment, inclusion and affirmation of all in the context we work, international exchanges, adventure as well as quiet reflection, active learning and spirited play.


If you want to visit us, please contact us for booking:

We have beds, kitchen, shower, and campground in the most beautiful environment you can imagine!

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